DAVID YOUNG, Reading and Grammar Teacher
A graduate of Tufts University, David began full-time tutoring for college entrance exams in 1982, striving to maintain the same quality of service that has been a hallmark of Young's Test Prep since his parents first started the program in the late 1940s. Besides creating numerous materials for the course offerings, David has spurred the development and expansion of the Open House test sessions.

JON ZION, Essay Teacher
A Northwestern University graduate, Jon taught ELA overseas in the 1980s. After honing his writing and editing skills in the service of magazines and international business firms for many years, he began preparing students at Young's Test Prep for ACT/SAT essay writing in 2004. For guidance with ACT, SAT, and college application essays, see jonzion.com.


MICHAEL BOOK, Math Teacher
Michael joined Young's Test Prep following his retirement from South Side High School in Rockville Centre after 31 years, where he served as an Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate teacher of both mathematics and physics. Before becoming a high school math and science teacher, Michael was a mechanical engineer who graduated from Cornell University.


A graduate of Queens College with a B.A. and M.A. in Physics, Tom taught all levels of physics at Southside High School in Rockville Centre for 22 years until his recent retirement.

RYAN YOUNG, Math Teacher

A recent graduate of Columbia University where he majored in Economics and Statistics, Ryan has been preparing students for standardized testing for the last eight years.

NAT JANOFF, Math Teacher
Having taught for 35 years in the Rockville Centre School District, Nat, a graduate of Stony Brook University, has a comprehensive background in high school math. A past president of the Nassau County Mathematics Teachers Association, VP of the Nassau County Inter-scholastic Mathematics League and co-chair of the Nassau County Mathematics Tournament, Nat has done extensive private tutoring in Math A, Math B, SAT I and SAT II, as well as work in Advanced Placement Calculus.