One of our most successful innovations, Open House testing sessions enable you to test yourself on a daily basis for several weeks prior to your SAT or ACT exam.


Avail yourself of 10 SATs and 7 ACTs, each with scoring table and written explanations, and same or next-day essay marking.

You can also make use of our voluminous test sheets for extra completion, reading, and math practice.

Those who are enrolled with us through the January to May semester are also eligible to use the Open House in the fall of their senior year.

Open House Schedule til April ACT
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tuesday, February 18:  3—8pm

Friday, February 21:  2—6pm

Saturday, February 22:  9am—2pm


Sunday, February 23:  9am—6pm

Monday, February 24:  4—9pm

Tuesday, February 25:  4—9pm

Wednesday, February 26:  3—9pm

Thursday, February 27:  4—9pm

Friday, February 28:  3—6pm

Saturday, February 29:  9am—2pm


Sunday,  March 1:  9am—6pm

Monday, March 2:  4—9pm

Tuesday, March 3:  4—9pm

Wednesday, March 4:  3—9pm

Thursday, March 5:  4—9pm

Friday, March 6: 3—6pm

Saturday, March 7: 9am—2pm


Sunday, March 8:  9am—6pm

Monday, March 9:  4—9pm

Tuesday, March 10:  4—9pm

Wednesday, March 11:  3—9pm

Thursday, March 12:  4—9pm

Friday, March 13:  3—6pm

Saturday, March 14:  9am—2pm

Sunday, March 15:  9am—6pm

Open House dates after 3/16 will be updated ASAP

Monday, March 16:  4—9pm

Tuesday, March 17:  4—9pm

Wednesday, March 18:  3—9pm

Thursday, March 19:  4—9pm

Friday, March 20:  3—6pm

Saturday, March 21:  9am—2pm


Sunday, March 22:  9am—6pm

Monday, March 23:  4—9pm

Tuesday, March 24:  4—9pm

Wednesday, March 25:  3—9pm

Thursday, March 26:  4—9pm

Friday, March 27:  3—6pm

Saturday, March 28:  9am—2pm


Sunday, March 29:  9am—6pm

Monday, March 30:  4—9pm

Tuesday, March  31:  4—9pm

Wednesday, April 1:  3—9pm

Thursday, April 2:  4—9pm

Friday, April 3:  3—8pm

To our current ACT and SAT students:
Hi, hope everyone is staying in place and enjoying these never-ending days of getting reaquainted with family. At least for our SAT students, we know that the next exam is August 29th. Consequently, we expect to resume remaining lessons—with a mix of recorded video and live remote—at the tail end of July. In the interim, if you haven't done so already, get the blue College Board book of exams for practice and check out Khan Academy's exam offerings.

As of April 20th, we are still awaiting word about the fate of the June 13th ACT. We expect to learn about the possibility of another June exam and two in July—and whether those will be available to New Yorkers—very shortly. Until we know, we are hesitant to set up times for the resumption of lessons. When we find out, we will be in touch. For continuing practice, make sure you pick up a copy of the red Official Guide to ACT Prep 2020 for real exams with explanations.
Best to all, Dave

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